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Burmester 909

Burmester 909

Kr 399.990

- Ekte balansert
- Meget høy dynamisk demping for best høyttalerkontroll
- Stabil i alle laster
- Remote on/off switching


2 x 600 Wi 4 ohm
1 x 1930 W i 4 ohm
1 x 3200 W i 1 ohm

Mål i mm: (BxHxD) 450 x 515 x 485
Vekt: 80 kg

Finish: default er chrome (mye annet på bestilling)

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The stereo amplifier 909 is the largest Burmester make and it is one of the most powerful in the world. Since 1990, the 909 represents the pinnacle of power amplification in the audio domain; Burmesters smaller models 911 and 956 are its direct descendants. Like the legendary pre-amplifier 808, the 909 is of modular design. And, like all amplifiers from Burmester, the signal path of the 909 is balanced from front to back as well as DC-coupled.

Like all Burmesters power amplifiers the 909 comes standard as a stereo amp. However, Burmester amps can easily be bridged into mono operation by using an external adapter supplied by us.

The 909 distinguishes itself by an extremly high damping factor. This together with the ability to deliver high currents enables it to control any loudspeaker effortlessly over the full frequency range. The 909 can easily deliver high continous load currents and, thus, drive loudspeakers at the lowest impedance values. This renders the impulse response practically load-independant.

Among audiophiles, the 909 is highly regarded for its warm yet detailed sound. The 909 is unsurpassed in its ability to decipher the smallest musical detail when driving the best speakers in the world, keeping the ability for extreme bass control even at the highest volume levels. 'The burmesters performed an amazing 'disappearing' act in Larry Alan Kays system, leaving behind the most natural impression of music-making he has observed'. (Fi-magazine, San Francisco).

Special features:

* Bridgeable for mono operation by external mono-adapters. May also be ordered in internal mono configuration from the factory
* Completely balanced signal path design like all Burmester components
* Input stages in Burmesters Class A X-amp design
* DC-coupled signal path without distorting capacitors
* Generously dimensioned power supply for high current output
* Effortless control of any loudspeaker through a high damping factor over the full frequency range, even at highest volume levels
* Stable operation into all loads
* Remote on/off feature when used with Burmester power pre-amps.
* Processor-controlled error diagnosis

Inputs and outputs:

* Balanced inputs (stereo/mono)
* Unbalanced input using supplied adapters (stereo mode only)
* 10V DC input for remote on/off switching by Burmester pre-amps
* Loudspeaker output terminals (stereo/mono)


* Power output:
Stereo: 2x600W (4 ohms)
2x1.250W (1 ohm)
Mono: >1x1930W (4 ohms)
>1x3200(1 ohm),(at appropriate AC input)
* Continous peak current: 65A
* Damping factor: >1000
* Noise suppression: >81 dB
* Input sensitivity:
710 mV for full gain
290 mV for 100W into 4 ohms load
* Frequency response: 0-200kHz (-3dB)
* 20 selected power transistors per channel
* Rise time (stereo/mono):
1,4 µs into 4/8 ohms load
1,9 µs into 1 ohm load
* Over-dimensioned power supply with 160.000 µF filtering and a 3,5 kW torodial transformer.

* Rated power output:
Stereo: 2x350W at (4 ohms)
Mono: 1x770W at (4 ohms), (at an appropriate power source)
* Continuous peak current: 40A
* Damping factor: >3000
* Signal-to-noise ratio: >81 dB
* Input sensitivity:
730 mV for full volume
390 mV for 100W at 4 ohms load
* Frequency response: 0-200kHz (-3dB)
* 8 selected power transistors per channel
* Rise time (stereo/mono):
1,4 µs at 4/8 ohms load
1,9 µs at 1 ohm load
* Oversized power supply with 130.000 µF filter capacity and 750 VA toroidal core transformer.